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HotDoge uses RFID Technology to link the real world with blockchain. Immersive augmented reality and information sharing from web connectivity. The possibilities are endless. 

Investing in our smart contract gives access to 3% automatic Native Blockchain (BSC/ETH/etc) reflections on all network transactions.

💵 VIPs in the top 50 holders of over a trillion, earn a 1 billion token bonus every week.

🥇 Volunteers and Team Members earn weekly bonuses during live AMAs and periodic events.

We won't leave our old HotDoggies behind...

So how do you migrate old tokens to new ones?

Old HotDoge contract (v1) holders will be able to migrate for life. Conversions may change with market pricing but we will always offer a fair rate of conversion of your old v1 tokens. Click the button below to see our Google form for instructions on how to convert your old HotDoge tokens to new ones. If you want to earn BNB, you must have v3 contract tokens.

Our old contract gave holders more of the supply without providing for the things for the project's future like marketing and development funds. Redesigning its old smart contract into a token that can be a true economic engine will revitalize and sustain solid growth regardless of market conditions.

Smart Investors want DCA (Dollar Cost Average) assets in the crypto space. Live your life and earn assets that will provide for your future. 
Transactions have a built-in tax that supports the ongoing development of blockchain smart contract technology, DEFI, NFTs, and more.

The contract redistributes to all holders based on the share of the supply. The more serious you are about earning, the more you earn. After attaining one trillion, within the top fifty holders, you can become a VIP HotDoge getting weekly billion bonuses.

3% automatic BNB BEP20 reflections

All transactions on the network are taxed at 15% and 3% of this is converted to BNB (BEP20 Smart Chain) giving holders a source of passive income. The more you invest, the higher your share.

Volunteer and Team Bonuses

Our members and active supporters can earn HotDoge by participating in events or actively working with the team. We recognize those who are making a difference with HotDoge rewards,

Stop Loss Assurance Policy

Cryptocurrency can often fall prey to hackers, many times through no fault of your own. Contact us immediately if your wallet is compromised. If we can catch it in time, we may be able to replace any HotDoge v3 that was stolen from your wallet. We have an online chat option or email.

VIP Weekly Bonuses

Once you reach one trillion HotDoge tokens in your wallet and are in the top 50 holders, you will receive a billion tokens every week as a bonus.

Astro HotDoge BuyBack wallet.

Our uncirculated liquidity is used as a singularity to attract BNB from transactions. Part of transaction fees go to a wallet that will collect BNB rewards to buy, putting a positive price pressure mechanism and allowing for manual burns of supply based on milestone achievements. This wallet will never sell HotDoge.

NFTs give rewards

Holders of HotDoge NFTs get bonuses paid automatically in HotDoge. Your purchase is an asset that will earn interest for life. You have control to transfer or sell each NFT at a standard 15% tax.

NFTS, Apparel, Gaming, and Entertainment? We're more than, "just a meme token". We're HotDoge.

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The updated site is under construction and many changes will be made to include all the information you need. We will be adding a legacy page for the old hotdoge token as well including old roadmap achievements and whitepaper. Click below to sign up for email updates. 

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