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HotDoge Begins Alpha Testing of NFC/NFT Technology

The project team has received the first shipment of ghost tags and will begin programming for site links, Dapp functionality, NFT/NFC combo merchandise, and augmented reality.

There are many possible avenues for production leading to the creation of a business that profits generated will be re-invested into development via HotDoge on Binance Smart Chain. This will generate automatic dividends for holders depending on the amount of supply held, as well as constantly increasing the price of HotDoge regardless of investor selloff of the asset. The technology will be compatible with both Andriod and iPhone devices that have NFC capability. Various applications include but are not limited to: 1. Product information query and digital documentation attached to the merchandise. 2. Secure ticketing for events using NFT enabled mobile applications (Android/iOS) 3. Sustainable digital business-to-business contact sharing, instead of business cards. 4. Cold storage blockchain wallet data that can be password protected. 5. Cryptocurrency, loyalty points systems, and tipping using NFC tags. 6. Cryptographically secured access cards and FOB for high-end residential and commercial. 7. Augmented reality merchandise triggered by NFC scan. 8. Stealth anti-counterfeiting technology for insurance, government, and private sector. The team is very excited to bring future updates to the investment VIPs/Volunteers/Investors.

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