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HotDoge Token Listing Update on Coin Gecko!

Finally after a long wait following the deployment of the BNB reflection contract (Astro v3), HotDoge listings reflecting the migration update we're finally released.

HOTDOGE saw a huge spike shooting from just over $0.60USD per billion to $4.00USD per billion tokens in the space of an hour on PancakeSwap once the new listing was updated. To put that into perspective, if you invested $100USD, you could have sold for 7x value giving you a nice bonus of $700USD. $1000 would have netted $7000 and $10,000 would have given you a whopping $70,000 on sale. Token price has since rebounded slightly oscillating around an average of $0.80USD per billion. Trading volume was over $23,000USD value within the 24hour period. Sean Pepper, the CEO was very excited to see all the new holders and fresh faces into the Telegram and Twitter. "We got a huge bump which was great and they didn't even catch our FegEx listing, which is our main one", he said later in the day. There have been some shifts in the team members' base with dedicated mods and admins coming in to support the chats. HotDoge has a discord server as well which is not as popular as of yet, but seems to have much more capability as far as a team to user interactions. We are all excited about the future of HotDoge. The biggest reminder we wanted to put out there to holders is that a token like Shiba Inu went from trading around $6USD volume to millions and all it takes is for the community to stand up and promote it. You are in control of whether you become rich from crypto or not. The listing on CoinGecko can be found here. As of 1/18/2022 prices were up by 8.8% with a trading volume of just under $700USD in 24 hours.

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