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Welcome to supercharged earnings with HotDoge Alpha Pup NFTs.


Astro is HotDoge Projects Mascot. Only one of each of these avatars in the collection will be minted and these NFTs will be able to unlock bonus rewards in the HotDoge NFT Staking Project. Bonuses will come from the HotDoge v3 smart contract VIP address weekly. Changing your avatar to your HotDoge Astro Pup on social media gets you 1 billion token bonuses paid out from the HotDoge volunteer address. Sign up at to enroll in the ambassador program.

๐Ÿ’ท Earn 1 billion every week just for holding an NFT in your wallet. You can buy multiple NFTs to increase earnings.

๐Ÿ’ถ Join the ambassador program to earn an additional 1 billion HotDoge tokens every week. Conditions apply*

Supercharge your investment. HotDoge is the next moon project. Let's get there together! Go to to buy yours NOW!

*Attendance at weekly AMA is mandatory to get ambassador bonus *Ambassadors must use their NFT as their social media profile pic to get bonus *NFTs value will increase as HotDoge price increases *NFTs can be resold at any time subject to 15% tax (Tax adds liquidity to pool) *All profits minus commission go to liquidity and HotDoge Buyback Wallet (Increases price and lowers price impact) *Only 50 will ever be minted under these conditions. *Enroll into the ambassador program by sending proof of purchase and your social media accounts displaying your NFT.

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