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Welcome to the 1st HotDoge Sports Pool. FIFA 2022 in Qatar.

Come and support your country and token by joining our Telegram group! If your team wins, you win the percentage contributed of the entire Grand Prize. Join the Global Chat by clicking the social link on the homepage header. Request the private group link in chat! Let's gooooo.

🏦Hotdoge is contributing the first 200 billion tokens to the Grand Prize.

💎All players will get a special commemorative NFT just for playing!

🐶In order to play, there are three things to do.

1. Pick your favourite team to win.

2. Bet any amount (Hotdoge v3).

3. Post your bet in the group to be tracked.

4. Once confirmed, deposit bet to house holding wallet.


Name: Telgram Name (@xxxxx)

Winning team: xxxxx

Bet in tokens: xxxxx

🚨Admins will confirm with you and send you the house wallet address. Your transaction hash will be recorded with your bet.

🚨If your team wins, you will take the entire pool of tokens with any others that bet on the same team, split by percent contribution to that team.

🚨All participants will get a custom made commemorative FIFA 2022 NFT regardless of winning.

🚨The developer is not allowed to play. 🚨You must be at least the age of 18 to play or the minimum national age of adulthood in your country. 🚨Winner will be announced across all chats and social media.


If you bet on USA and your bet is 20% of the USA pool, if USA wins you take 20% of the entire grand prize!

⚽️Good luck!⚽️

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